1. For The Love of Art by Charles Hines

    When people ask how I started writing, I tell them it’s the only thing I know I’m good at. Nothing convinced me to become a writer. Writing was a blood instinct. I remember prose from as young as elementary school. Wacky stuff. In middle school, I wrote this series called the Weird Weather Series. It was about this town that always had insane weather issues. And based around this kid who was p…Read More

  2. Poetry: An Avenue to Truth by Darius Simpson

      Poetry for me started in 4th grade with a general poetry unit in Mrs. Croft’s class. I did well enough for her to want to show my poetry packet, complete with the basics of introductory poetry, to my mother. Well from there my mother continued to encourage me to write on one hand and I would write for girls I liked after recess, and family members on holidays and birthdays. As I grew into und…Read More

  3. Trust The Process: Feature on Maryse

    Hello, everyone! My name is Maryse, I’m 18 years old and I’m a full-time portrait and event photographer from the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. Maryse S. Marius Photography specializes in personal branding, corporate work, couples, family and more. I’m also a full-time university student, currently reading for a BSc Economics. I started photography a little over 5 years ago in March 2013 …Read More

  4. Words Change Lives: Focus on the Positive

    My vision for Words That Surround Your Soul is basically just as the title states; it’s my goal to use positive words to encourage everyone in such a way that their souls are encircled with an impermeable barrier to negativity. I want people to know they can survive their darkest moments because there is always a brighter horizon in the distance; we just have to focus on it. Words was born after…Read More

  5. See The World Through My Lens: A Story by Treston Mayo

        The Beginning: A lot of people go through college having no clue what they want to do after. I was that person, "sort of". I went to school to get a business degree because one thing I did know is that one day I would want to own my own business. I remember in 5th grade my teacher had a conversation with me and a few other students about where she envisioned us when we got older, and I remem…Read More

  6. Isabella Piper: A Writer, An Inspiration, and A Young Visionary

    What does it mean to be a young visionary? This question has sat and simmered in my mind for many years. I have been what you would call a “dreamer” my whole entire life. Always predominantly souring for the stars in every aspect of my life— until I reached a substantial point entirely. I believe that every young visionary in this world can achieve their goals. There is never a dream too big…Read More

  7. Love in Death?

    It’s terrifying and depressing when you lose someone, especially if the thought of death has always been on your mind. When I lost my dad, I wondered to myself, “How long do I have?” I didn’t know. I still don’t. When my dad died there were times I asked myself, “What’s the point?” And there were times where it made me want better for myself. Death has a funny way of making you ei…Read More

  8. Every Breath Is A Blessing

    Growing up, I didn’t understand what it meant to breathe. I didn’t know that breathing was the gateway to meditation. I didn’t know that breathing was a stress reliever. I didn’t know that breathing was a luxury. I didn’t know that when I got older, there would be a time where breathing would be a battlefield, and the hospital would have to send reinforcements for me to win. Inhalers. Br…Read More

  9. Staying Positive

    The ability to stay positive has nothing to do with only focusing on what's good in your life. The ability to remain positive comes from how fast you can bounce back from being in a different state. It's in the transfer of negativity to positivity that a miracle occurs. We're all going to be sucked into unhealthy behavioral patterns and mindsets. The skill and ability to go back into a loving mind…Read More

  10. 5 Life Coaching Books That Will Change Your Life

    Books are so crucial to our growth as humans. Reading books allows us to gain knowledge and information from outside perspectives that are harder to get in other places. Also, if the books we are reading contain stories, we gain empathy. We can put ourselves in a character's shoes and see what it’s like to be him or her. If the book is well written, we can experience life experiences that we’v…Read More