After countless restless nights, I have finally concluded this ideal for myself and others. The conclusive ideal that maybe, just maybe, us humans need a break from the trivial events that overcome us inevitably every single day. As people, we push and shove ourselves until we crash. Crash and burn is the usual pattern. Yet, we are forced to stand back up ever so powerfully when we realize—life is not slowing down any time soon. We must look ourselves in the mirror and understand the amazing life that lies ahead. Life should never provide us with a mundane and melancholy feeling. We should give ourselves the ability to notice the incredible moments that lie ahead.

The conclusive statement that I arrived to was none other than to never allow ourselves to crash and burn. The only way that this is possible, is to do an outlook on our lives and what we are lacking. If you’re anything like myself, you never want to give yourself a break. It is alright to give yourself the time you deserve to relax your mind, body and soul. The spectacular part about all of this, is that it doesn’t even have to be something major.

Take a bubble bath with elegant candles and flower petals floating around. Meditate and allow your mind to relax and as you soak in all viable opportunities, goals and dreams. Spend a night with yourself and make a home cooked meal: then enjoy it with yourself or share it with great company. Make a small checklist for the day and get all goals accomplished. Set an alarm and wake up and make yourself a steaming cup of coffee. The point of the matter is, there are so many ways to give yourself much needed time. It’s the little things in life that matter the most. So, set yourself free from the cage that you feel as if you are locked in. It will give you a magnificent and fresh-minded feeling within. Let me say, it has worked immaculately for me.

I want you to try and do the same.

Once you have given yourself this much-needed time I recommend one more thing. Please journal your days. I do not mean in vast and descriptive detail. Truly, all you really need to do is track your emotions and your daily thoughts on life. This will give you the moment to be in the present and know the things that are very important to you. The main reason why we crash and burn, is because we put aside the information we were never able to decipher. So, it builds up over time. We are soon left in a catastrophe of our own blocked endeavors. Give yourself the time you deserve—because nobody else can do this for you.

Isabella Piper is a seventeen year old from Michigan. She enjoys reading and writing in her free time, as well as writing and blogging  for others. She is pursuing a creative writing degree at SNHU with hopes of making it big one day.