What does it mean to have self-love?

My life has been about facing a struggle. It’s been about living through a short life expectancy. It’s been about losing a loved one in my father. It’s been about becoming a father and losing a child because of a lie.

My life has been hard.

I know yours has been too.

I know you.

You’ve had times in your life where you didn’t feel like continuing. 

You’ve had times where the only thing you wanted to do was sleep. 

You used to wish for the day your life would change…

You used to not care on some days. 

You were depressed. 

You were filled with anxiety. 

You thought you weren’t good enough. 

You were lost. 

You were broken. 

I was you.

It was hard for me to LOVE MYSELF, because of everything that had happened to me, because of everything I was believing about myself.

But the beauty is…



Self-Love is our natural state. We just have to return to it.

Self-love is about unlearning the thoughts and beliefs we have that no longer serve us.

We develop thoughts and beliefs that protect us for a time being, but as we begin to change they may begin to hurt and hinder us. We need to unlearn these if we want to express our natural state of self-love.

I will teach you EVERYTHING I know in my Self-Love Coaching Program. During our sessions, I will conduct a space tailor-made for you. Together we will create a space that will change your life, and in doing so, you will change everything and everyone around you.

Most importantly, you’ll fall in love all over again. This time with yourself.

If you’re ready to feel alive. 

If you’re ready to be in love.

If you’re ready to be passionate.. 

If you’re ready to forgive and be forgiven.

If you’re ready to feel worthy. 

If you’re ready to feel hope.

If you’re ready to be excited when you wake up. 

If you’re ready to find peace. 


Here is a list of what we will cover in our Life Coaching Sessions.

  • Realize fresh perspectives when addressing challenges/opportunities 
  • Expand awareness and approaches to seek new possibilities
  • Enhance thinking and decision-making skills
  • Increase interpersonal effectiveness
  • Create powerful and effective communication styles
  • Deepen confidence to pursue meaningful work and life roles
  • Improve productivity and increase levels of life-satisfaction
  • Overcome challenges and obstacles to achieve goals
  • Identify and overcome gaps in knowledge, skills, confidence, or resources
  • Accelerate the growth process and maximize results toward a desired outcome 
  • Gain clarity, focus and direction toward what matters most
  • Capitalize on successes, be more strategic, and accelerate learning
  • Achieve work and life balance
  • Develop self-awareness
  • Discover and leverage hidden or unknown strengths and skills
  • Imagine and make just about anything possible

You will receive the benefits of everything self-love gives you — peace, happiness, abundance and joyful experiences. Don’t wait to start claiming your life and returning to your natural state: SELF-LOVE!

You’ve spent hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars on coping mechanisms in your lifetime. You’ve spent thousands, tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands on institutions like college. You’ve spent countless dollars on things outside of yourself. 

Now you’re ready to INVEST that money into yourself instead and begin to live the life you’ve always wanted! A life of love, peace, joy, and abundance!


I don’t want you to make a major investment without an idea of how life coaching works, so if you SCHEDULE WITH THIS LINK, I’ll give you a FREE ONE HOUR SELF-LOVE COACHING SESSION (a $100 VALUE!) 

Can’t wait to talk to you soon!