1. A Guide So Simple To Changing Your Self It’s Not Much Of A Guide At All

    You are in relationship to everything. You have relationships with people, objects, and experiences. Your entire perspective is based on your relationships. The one relationship that will change all other relationships is your relationship with Self. When I say Self, I’m referring to that higher consciousnesses within us. I’m talking about the Universe. I’m talking about God. The relationshi…Read More

  2. Reframe One Question And See How It Changes Your Relationship With The Universe

    What will this guide do for you? Simple. It will have you reframe a question that you constantly ask yourself. “Why” me? “Why” did this happen? “Why?” You’re taught that asking “why” helps us get to the bottom of what’s going on. But in reality, all it causes is defensiveness and justification. When you ask, “why?” What you’re really asking is for a justification that mak…Read More