1. How Can I Make More Money? Wrong Question.

    What an interesting question. It’s run through my mind a hudreed thousand times. A question that’s been put on repeat. I’m always looking to attract more wealth. But through all my questioning, I had a huge realization.   That question, “How can I make more money?” is hurting me.   It’s hurting me because I ask it with the belief that my current wealth status isn’t good eno…Read More

  2. A Guide So Simple To Changing Your Self It’s Not Much Of A Guide At All

    You are in relationship to everything. You have relationships with people, objects, and experiences. Your entire perspective is based on your relationships. The one relationship that will change all other relationships is your relationship with Self. When I say Self, I’m referring to that higher consciousnesses within us. I’m talking about the Universe. I’m talking about God. The relationshi…Read More

  3. Working Hard By: Bobby Foster

    Don’t believe the hype: Working hard isn’t where it’s at. Everywhere you look, there’s a narrative that working hard will get you to where you want to be. “No pain, no gain.” This is a lie. Working hard just to be productive will only lead you to a life of working hard always waiting for the next reward to show up. There’s no fulfillment in that. No lasting happiness. Trust me, I wou…Read More

  4. Love in Death?

    It’s terrifying and depressing when you lose someone, especially if the thought of death has always been on your mind. When I lost my dad, I wondered to myself, “How long do I have?” I didn’t know. I still don’t. When my dad died there were times I asked myself, “What’s the point?” And there were times where it made me want better for myself. Death has a funny way of making you ei…Read More

  5. 5 Life Coaching Books That Will Change Your Life

    Books are so crucial to our growth as humans. Reading books allows us to gain knowledge and information from outside perspectives that are harder to get in other places. Also, if the books we are reading contain stories, we gain empathy. We can put ourselves in a character's shoes and see what it’s like to be him or her. If the book is well written, we can experience life experiences that we’v…Read More

  6. Cure for Cystic Fibrosis

    Cystic fibrosis used to be and still is to a degree a fatal disorder. It used to kill people while they were infants, now because of modern medicine the average life expectancy is in the late thirties. It affects the respiratory system and the digestive system. The main complication that people face is difficulty in breathing. In my own life experience, I have been blessed to have excellent health…Read More

  7. Perseverance When You Want To Give Up

    I know a lot about perseverance. Living with cystic fibrosis where every day seems like a struggle to get through because of my health, to grieving my father’s death when I was just 20 years old, I know a thing or 2 about struggle. So, my number one tip on how to persevere when you want to give up? Give up. That’s right. Give up. Surrender.  The reason why we fight and feel as if we need to p…Read More

  8. Stand Together or Die Together

    Love is the only answer. When I wrote this poem over a year ago, I was in a place of a lot of anger and frustration. It was during the 2016 Presidential Election when I began to write this piece. I vented all my frustrations about what was going on and everything I was seeing. All of the division, all of the hate, all of the worry, all of the racism, the fear-mongering, the disrespect, and I had t…Read More

  9. Learning to Love from a Distance

    Learning how to love from a distance. It’s hard. When I decided to focus on myself because the pain was too immense when I was around Z, I didn’t know if I was making the biggest mistake of my life. I felt like I was abandoning him. I felt like I was ruining something special, but something was calling me to leave. Maybe it was the pain; maybe it was something else, I just knew that I couldn…Read More

  10. Overcoming Challenges

    Overcoming is something that I have had to do my whole life. When you’re born with a chronic illness, it seems that fighting it is in your DNA. When a diagnosis is in your life, there’s always this lingering feeling that you need to beat it and become better. Since that was drill into my head since I was a child, I’ve come to look at everything as an obstacle. It’s how I get my motivation.…Read More