Jessica Roberson: Life Coaching Testimony

At the recommendation of my partner, Sam Tarell the CEO of Hoop Brothers, I started Life Coaching sessions with Bobby Foster in April of 2018. The intention was to work on my leadership skills by focusing on my anxiety when faced with the possibility of failure. At the age of 32, this was my first time ever participating in any one on one coaching or therapy type sessions. To be honest, I was nervous about our first session having not been sure of what to expect and not having had a lot of experience really talking about myself in a setting such as this. This proved to be unwarranted.

In my very first session with Bobby, with a lot of tears, laughter, and self-awareness through Bobby’s gentle direction of our session, I already had my first real revelation. It was therapeutic and eye-opening in a way I was not anticipating. I was surprised by how easy talking with Bobby was. The space he creates is one of safety, no condemnation, positivity and uplifting, and one of love.

I have since had 5 additional sessions with Bobby. What started as one topic of focus, has since evolved into so much more. Bobby has an uncanny way of peeling back the layers of an issue and opening up my perspective to seeing so much more. His ability to take an issue brought up at the start of a session and connect the dots that result in a revelation is mind-blowing to say the least.

Each one of my revelations, each topic we have tackled so far in our sessions, don’t just impact my role and relationship with my position at Hoop Brothers which was my original intention. These revelations are improving my relationships with my family, friends, and most of all with myself. It’s hard work, not always easy and not always fun, but so worth it and with a mentor as patient, inspiring, and supporting as Bobby is, an incredible journey of self growth.

I would (and have) recommend Bobby to anyone seeking self-growth, direction, or just a chance to widen their perspectives to enroll in Bobby’s Life Coaching Program. I’m better for it and so appreciative of everything we have accomplished so far.


Jessica Roberson