What an interesting question. It’s run through my mind a hudreed thousand times. A question that’s been put on repeat. I’m always looking to attract more wealth. But through all my questioning, I had a huge realization.


That question, “How can I make more money?” is hurting me.


It’s hurting me because I ask it with the belief that my current wealth status isn’t good enough.

Isn’t good enough.


This is the root of all of my pain. I never think that I’m good enough, and when I ask myself “how can I make more money?” I jump right back into that belief.


When we turn towards our knowledge, we turn towards pain. There is never a need to know HOW to make more money. What you need to do is UNLEARN what you THINK you need to do to make more money. That’s when all the ideas that will actually accumulate wealth will arise.


How can you make more money?


Stop thinking. Stop questioning. Start tuning into the wealth that you already have. I don’t just mean that monetarily either. Do you have wealth in friendships? Do you have wealth in yourself? My problem is that I never witnessed the wealth in front of me, and when I do, wealth always shows up for me. Time and time again, it always proves itself to work.


I’ve done better to stop asking myself, “how can I make more money.” And started to ask myself, “what wealth is in front of me?”


It’s amazing what happens when we make this switch. We start seeing opportunities in front of us that we were blind to before because those opportunities may not have fit into our perfect vision of how we thought we could make more money. We start to see people and situations around us that could lead to more money.


We begin to see these things because our perception changed. When that changes, everything around us begins to change.


The key here is, if you want more wealth, you have to start SEEING it all around you? How do you do that? You see it in yourself first.


What do you think about this? Have you tried this approach? Are you excited to try?