As college is abruptly approaching me in the distance like it does for most students, I am starting to realize the important impact it is placed upon me. I have wanted to go to college for what seems like my whole entire life. Yet when the moment is finally here, of course I have been scared for my life to make any mistakes. The money that is involved is tremendous–but not just that, you have to in retrospect settle on what you would like to do for the rest of your life. For years I have known deep in my soul what I have longed to do. I have never questioned a single bit what I love and adore with all my heart. I knew that was none other than writing.

When I sat down at my computer years ago and started writing for the first time: I felt as if a flame was lit in myself that could never die out. I had finally decided on a creative writing major about a year ago–after battling with myself and others about it for many years.  It wasn’t due to the fact that I didn’t love it with every fiber of my being, but because you must face the backlash of all decisions. This decision had offended many people.

I was told time and time again, “writing makes no money.” Or, “writing is a passion, it’s not a career.” I also heard many phrases about the fact that writing should be a side job, and not a full-time one. I could sit here and tell you the countless things told to me–but one thing that I will tell you is the only statement that rings true to me. Follow your heart. Follow your dreams. I cannot stress this enough to any person in my life that I know. If you are passionate about something, that is what makes you successful. It’s not the job that is handed to you, or how much is offered to you in compensation. It’s the fact that you long for it–and it starts to be something you cannot live without. Maybe people mistake all these other factors as determination on what you should do with your life. But, it starts with that passion inside of you that wont remain calm. When you find that–please never let it go for the entire world.

I will be attending college this fall despite the backlash I receive for what I’m going for, or how much i’ll make after. I am going to pursue the one love in this world I know will always be deep in my mind, body and soul. I will never let that go.


Follow your heart and you will live life in abundance.