My vision is to be impactful. All my life I’ve wanted to be influential and inspire. Growing up as a child I had low self-esteem and struggled in school. Then one summer my life changed. I learned to play basketball. I didn’t know it but at that moment a seed was planted.
Fast forward to present my vision started to flourish when I moved back home. When I moved back I saw that there was a need. A need to impact a community scares of resources. So when I thought of what I could provide; basketball (my safe heaven as a kid) was the 1st thing that came to mind.
At the time I had a job I was working and was not in love with and then one day I started brainstorming my own business while working the other job. A series of events took place that inevitably led me to quit my job and that when I knew I had start do what made me happy. Thus the birth of Kapable Fitness and Performance.
Through the business, I provide a sports performance service which consists of skills training and strength & conditioning. While working with AAU teams and high school teams making athletes stronger, faster more explosive. Every month I have a Hoop Camps for the youth in my community as well as a backpack and school supply giveaway every year before school starts. Something I’ve learned through following my passion is that there is nothing more valuable than being of service and investing in your dream.
To have the opportunity to return to where I grew up and be able to give what was given to me is a blessing. I hope to show the children that it’s possible to make it out but if you do come back make a change for the greater good.