What does it mean to be a young visionary?

This question has sat and simmered in my mind for many years. I have been what you would call a “dreamer” my whole entire life. Always predominantly souring for the stars in every aspect of my life— until I reached a substantial point entirely.

I believe that every young visionary in this world can achieve their goals. There is never a dream too big. I remember everybody in my life looking down upon me at a young age; instilling in my mind that I needed to think more realistically. This was the worst advice I have ever been given. I am here to inspire you to always have huge expectations within yourself, because after all—this life is yours and your only. Make yourself proud.

I can proudly say this is how I have subsequently reached my goals in the last couple years. I remember from such a young age appreciating English and literature. I aspired to be a famous writer, and reach a vast audience all around the universe.  Of course, I had people who were condescending towards me. They thought following the realistic path was the way to go. I had friends and family who laughed at my determination. I was told what I wanted was too big to accomplish.

Do not accompany this crowd.

I began to write quite frequently in my free time: I began to fall more and more in love with this art as time moved forward. Of course, I have learned many skills on my own; as well as learning more every single day, but I have to thank the other dreamers/visionaries of the world the most. One of these other dreamers was my good friend, Landon Funk. (She runs her own blog as well, follow The Funky Feminist here.) Another person that inspired me, was an amazing fashion blogger. Her name is Ciandra Birnbaum. Follow her here. They taught me the most important skill of all. To never give up. To be genuinely yourself, and nothing other than that. They are both beautiful young women that I feel deserve all the applause in the world.

I am now the proud owner of my own blog: The life of a dreamer.. I am also in the process of creating multiple books of various sorts, as well as encountering amazing writers to help me reach my goals. On top of doing all of this, I have been accepted to the school of dreams for creative writing.

Because I followed my dreams, they were all fulfilled in abundance.

So, my advice to you is: stick to your aspirations and never let them go for the whole world. You were born to do amazing things and bring your vision to life in full bloom. You will flourish and thrive off of the ones who told you, “It’s not possible.” So I advise you to reach even further than what you intended. This will leave you and other baffled at the amazing things you have accomplished.

Isabella Piper is a seventeen-year-old from Michigan. She enjoys reading and writing in her free time, as well as writing for others. She wants to pursue a creative writing degree and become a well-known author one day! Click the photo for Isabella’s blog!